Peter Salzano: What to Pack for a Snowboarding Holiday?

    Aug - 13

    Peter Salzano: What to Pack for a Snowboarding Holiday?

    “Pack smart as a snowboarder or skier as there is no close substitute of the required equipment that fits you well,” says Peter Salzano, a professional skier and a snowboarder. Although there are very few chances as a professional to miss out packing the important things there is always a possibility.

    For those aspiring snowboarders who struggle hard to keep their luggage light while they pack for a snowboarding holiday here are a few tips by Peter Salzno that might help.

    Let’s check what to pack and how tips shared by Peter:

    • Snowboarding Bag

    Choose a bag in which you can easily fit the largest board, make sure it has enough space for other gears to fit in. The safety of the snowboard is a must demanding a thicker bag.

    • Snowboards and Bindings

    If you are planning to carry more than one snowboard, take their binding off, and make a layer in between them so that there is no chance of scratches on any snowboard.

    • Helmet

    People generally avoid caring for a helmet on a holiday trip due to the space it takes and easy options available like buying a new one or borrowing it from others. But if your safety is your priority the smart thing to do is carry one along instead of depending on options that might not work.

    • List of items to pack

    The full snowboarding packing list:

    • Snowboarder Bag
    • Snowboards
    • Bindings
    • Boots
    • Helmet
    • Socks
    • Goggles
    • Mittens or Gloves
    • Neck Warmer
    • Base layers or thermals
    • Snow Jacket
    • Snow pants
    • Sunscreen
    • Protective Gear
    • Lip balm
    • Camera
    • Cable Lock
    • Hydration Pack
    • Zip Tool
    • Luggage Scale
    • Warm Clothes for Mountain
    • Personal Items
    • Swimwear

    These are the important items that you must pack for a snowboarding holiday. Peter Salzano advises packing your clothes and your gears in different bags for better management. As an aspiring snowboarder, you must be skilled in managing your things on your own, and packing, winding up and unpacking should be part of your training to become a professional.