Peter Salzano: Tips to Get the Perfect Snowboarding Shot

    Jul - 08

    Peter Salzano: Tips to Get the Perfect Snowboarding Shot

    “Capturing the perfect snowboarding shot is an achievement in itself as nothing can be planned or recreated,” says Peter Salzano, a professional and passionate photographer. With the increasing interest of youngsters towards mountain sports like snowboarding, getting a perfect snowboarding shot has somewhere become a must in this digital world.

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    Keeping the interest of the snowboarders in mind, Peter Salzano has shared some insights to get the perfect snowboarding shot to capture and preserve the memories for life:

    • If you are the one who is clicking the photograph make sure you share the plan with whomever you’re shooting. Explain to them everything the angle, distance and position so that it becomes a bit easy for you to get the right short.
    • Give direction to the snowboarder, in case you are a professional snowboarder or have some knowledge of the sport, it will be easy for you to give direction and understand what the snowboarder is suggesting.
    • Before you start your shoot, just click some random pictures to get some idea of the background and make adjustments with your camera.
    • As a professional snowboarder if you are trying your hand in photography you can make good use of both your talents by following the snowboarder on your snowboard with a small camera put on Sutter mode.
    • Edit the photograph, before you show it to the person. As editing makes the picture look perfect with snow all around. But an instant phone might not look clear due to the reasons that can be edited later. It is difficult to explain such factors to others, therefore try to edit the pictures first and then share with the person concerned.
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    These are some basic tips shared by Peter Salzano for the snowboarders who are trying their hand in photography as well. Being from the same profession makes it easy for you as an aspiring photographer to understand what a perfect shot for a snowboarder means.