Peter Salzano – Things You Don’t Know About Snowboarding

    Nov - 13

    Peter Salzano – Things You Don’t Know About Snowboarding

    Snowboarding season is around the corner, gear up for the winter sports. Along with getting ready, prepare for the worst situation too so that you can enjoy snowboarding. Below are some myths, about snowboarding that you surely don’t know.

    Peter Salzano - Snowboarding

    Peter Salzano provides some useful insights about snowboarding:

    Snowboarding was known as snurfing

    Snowboarding was almost named snurfing because of Sherman Poppen. He strapped two skies together and added rope at the bottom and it worked. His kids liked it so much and his wife called it the “snurfer”.

    The journey from snurfing to snowboarding

    After the DIY that Poppen tried he sold more than 750000 snurfers. By 1990, the ski resorts grew tenfold. The snowboards were again designed to respond to the most aggressive riders. The material plays a very important role as it was supposed to be lighter and should be able to absorb the shock. 

    Snowboarding golden period

    Snowboarding became popular in the 90’s that professional snowboarders and surfers started entering and took this sport to another level. Peter says that’s when different competitions were organised, as athletes started riding and the sport continued to get to new heights.

    Peter Salzano - Snowboarding

    Snowboarding make 30% of resort revenue during the winter season

    Gone were the days when the snowboarding was considered to be dangerous, by 1998 it was accepted into the olympic winter games and it was successfully capable of making huge profits in the revenue of the resorts.

    The growing popularity of snowboarding

    Snowboarding is gaining its popularity, and the number has increased by 77% making snowboarding the fastest growing winter sport. In the current time 3.4 million people snowboard and it is predicted that snowboarding will overtake skiing by 2015.