Peter Salzano: Meaning of Words That Snowboarders Often Speak

    Jun - 28

    Peter Salzano: Meaning of Words That Snowboarders Often Speak

    “There are some particular terms that snowboarders and skiers use that others may not understand or know the meaning of,” says Peter Salzano, a renowned snowboarder. Especially for the aspiring snowboards, it’s fun to come across such terms that make them sound like professionals.

    Peter Salzano - Tignes, France

    Snowboarding is a professional sport, and there are some technical teams that only the person associated with the sport will be familiar with. Today in this article Peter Salzano has shared some words and their meanings that the people associated with snowboarding or skiing often use. Let’s go through the shared list of words:

    • Apres ski

    Means hanging out and relaxing in the mountains on a long day of snowboarding or skiing.

    • Black diamond

    Depicts the hardest run

    • Bluebird day

    This team is used to describe a perfect day in the mountains

    • Carving

    This term is  used when the snowboarder makes a nice :S” shape turns on his/her way downhill

    • Cat Track

    Depicts a flat run that usually leads to a chairlift

    Park City, Utah
    • Corduroy

    Depicts a path or run that has been recently groomed

    • French fry

    This term is used when you position your skis parallel, like 2 french fries. To move forward

    • Gnar

    Extreme or different terrain

    • Knuckle Dragger

    A derogatory term for snowboarders

    • Magic Carpet

    It a device that takes you back to the top of a run

    • Moguls

    Its a term used for the bumps that force snowboarders and skiers to make lots of turns on the way down a run

    • Shred

    Riding with talent and style

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    There are more such teams that the snowboards and skiers often use the meaning of which you might now know. Peter Salzano says the above-mentioned teams are useful for aspiring snowboards to learn and use when interacting with other professionals.