Peter Salzano – How To Improve Your Riding On A Snowboard

    Oct - 31

    Peter Salzano – How To Improve Your Riding On A Snowboard

    According to Peter Salzano, a professional snowboarder and blogger “snowboarding is a challenging sport.” In his opinion professionals take years to improve their riding and techniques.

    However, dedication and learning is the key to master snowboarding, below are some proven measures that will help you to improve your riding:

    1. Buy the correct gear

    Buying the appropriate gear is important. From the boots and boards, the gears should fit you right. Make sure to buy types of equipment that suits your strength and does not hinder your performance. Therefore buying the correct gear plays a very important in improving your snowboarding technique.

    Peter Salzano - Snowboarding
    1. Get fit

    The other important concern of professionals is fitness. Going to the gym regularly and exercising daily should be the snowboarder’s priority. Going to the gym daily makes a noticeable difference to your performance. It gradually improves your core strength, leg strength and assists you in staying flexible.

    1. Get lessons

    Peter J Salzano recommends snowboarding lessons for beginners, it is advised to take lessons in order to know the technique before getting on the snowboard. Taking daily lessons will improve your snowboarding technique.

    1. Record yourself when you ride

    When you learn a new technique or move, try to video yourself. From the video, you will get to know what worked well for you and where improvements are needed.

    Peter Salzano - Snowboarding
    1. Watch snowboarding videos

    Youtube and the vlogs of various bloggers is the best platform to watch the video regarding snowboarding techniques. Watching the video of others will help you know what mistakes you make while snowboarding. Also by watching videos of professional snowboarders you learn new tricks and advanced riding techniques.

    The above techniques will help you to improve your snowboarding. Peter also recommends Snowboarding every day to improve riding skills.