Peter Salzano: How to Creatively Use Your Old Snowboard and Make it a Permanent Part of Your Life

    Feb - 23

    Peter Salzano: How to Creatively Use Your Old Snowboard and Make it a Permanent Part of Your Life

    As a snowboarder we all have our favorite snowboards, especially the first one, or the one gifted by our loved one, or the one that made you win, says Peter Salzano a professional snowboarder and a blogger. But the favorite does not stay with us for long, a little damage or the thought to upgrade makes our old snowboard a mare showpiece in the corner of our room.

    But it’s time that we get creative and inspired by the new trend that is all over the internet, says Peter. The trend to recreate and decorate your old snowboard so that it becomes an attractive piece in your house, and you can always look at it and feel motivated and proud.

    So to help you with this creative step let’s read some ideas shared by Peter Salzano that will help you redecorate your old snowboard and make it closer to your heart:

    # A Wine Rack

    With fewer efforts required you can transform your old snowboard into a wine rack.  A bar is itself a royal space in your house and this new wine rack will make it a more special and attractive part of your house.

    Peter Salzano - A Wine Rack

    # A BookShelf

    Do you have a collection of snowboards? If yes, this is a perfect idea for you to transform your snowboards into a bookshelf. You might need some assistance from experts to make the bookshelf.

    Peter Salzano - BookShelf

    # A Hanging Light

    This might sound a little crazy but it’s one of my favorite ideas to creatively use your old snowboard as a decorative piece at home. You can use the snowboard as a hanging light frame.

    Peter J Salzano - Hanging Light

    # A Coffee Table or a Backyard Swing

    Another simple but smart hack to creatively use your snowboard as a decoration piece for home is creating a backyard swing or a coffee table with some modifications to make it match with your room.

    Peter J Salzano - Coffee Table or a Backyard Swing
    Peter J Salzano - Coffee Table or a Backyard Swing 1

    # A Coat Rack

    Another smart and simple way to use a snowboard is converting it into a coat rack, with some hooks on it. You can paint the board or use it as it is in your room to give it a cool look.

    Peter Salzano - Coat Rack

    #  A Dog’s Feeding Plate

    The best idea is to give it to your furry friend and add some more emotions to it. All you need to do is make two or one circular holes on the snowboard and fix the feeding bowls of your dog in it. Your dog’s new feeding late is ready.

    Peter J Salzano - Dog’s Feeding Plate

    These are some simple but creative ways to smartly make your old snowboards an attractive decorative piece for your home. Do it only if you want it, says Peter Salzano as there are many snowboarders that like to keep the snowboard as it is by writing some messages on it that makes it more meaningful for them.