Peter Salzano: Frequently Asked Questions About Snowboarding

    Feb - 09

    Peter Salzano: Frequently Asked Questions About Snowboarding

    Snowboarding is one of the popular winter sports that has given career goals to many, says Peter Salzano, a famous snowboarder. But there was a time when snowboarding was considered a dangerous sport due to the injuries involved in the sports. Although the scenario has changed now, as there are more safety measures and professional training involved.

    Peter Salzano - Tignes, France

    But still, there are some frequently asked questions that need to be answered related to the sport to provide the aspiring snowboarders and their parents with the right information and right guidance to pursue the sport.

    With the attempt to cover the most frequently asked questions by the aspiring snowboarders here are answers shared by Peter Salzano that will definitely help you gain some clarity about the sport. Let’s take a look at these questions:

    Q) What is the right age to send a child for snowboarding training?

    A) – The average age is usually 7, but remember that the sport requires a bit of physical development, stamina, and balance. Make sure that the child is physically ready for the training as stamina plays a major role here, more than the similar sport skiing.

    Q) Is Snowboarding a dangerous sport?

    A) – Not really! The risk involved in snowboarding is a little higher than skiing, but the professional safety measures make it a safe sport to play. Beginners need to be a little careful as fractures and sprains are the most common injuries among beginners.

    Q) Is snowboarding bad for your knees?

    A) – Snowboarding is a sport that puts pressure on muscles, joints, and ligaments. Snowboards often complain of sore muscles and pain. Proper training and persuasion are the keys to minimize the risk involved in sports.

    Q) How to protect your knees when snowboarding?

    A) – A knee brace is recommended for both cases: protecting your knees while snowboarding and stabilizing your knees if injured.

    Q) What preparation is needed before the snowboarding lesson starts?

    A) – Watch a few YouTube videos of beginner snowboarding before you start your lesson. Also, cross-check that you have the essentials to start your practice from helmet to knee  brace everything should be ready.

    Q) How fit do you have to be and how strong to start your snowboarding training?

    A) – As snowboarding is an action sport, you need to be in a good physical state to start your training. Take assistance from a trainer or consult your doctor before you start your training. Physical fitness and a good amount of stamina are needed in a snowboarder.

    Q) What are the different kinds of Snowboard?

    A) – There are mainly four types: Camber, Rocker, Flat, and Hybrid.

    Q) What do the 10K/10K or 5K/5K ratings mean on outerwear?

    A) – The numbers relate to both breathability and the waterproof rating of the outerwear in question. Here the waterproof rating is important as the higher the rating means the better the fabric is at keeping the moisture from slush and snow out of your base layers.

    On the other hand, the breathability factor is also important as if the outwear is breathable that means the moisture you generate while riding can easily evaporate and make it through your clothing.

    Q) What size of the board should you get?

    A) – The size of the snowboard is based completely on your high and weight.  For example, if you are of an average build and weight, your board should come up just above your shoulder for an all-mountain setup.

    Q) Do I have to wax my board?

    A) – Yes! You need to wax your board as it makes the board go faster and protects the board from damage.

    There are some frequently asked questions by the beginner regarding snowboarding. Peter Salzano feels that these general questions about the sport should be answered in the first few lessons by the trainer. As at times, the trainee may hesitate to ask the basic questions, so the best thing to do is answer them beforehand.