Peter Salzano: Best Exercises to Get Your Body Ready for Skiing and Snowboarding

    Sep - 06

    Peter Salzano: Best Exercises to Get Your Body Ready for Skiing and Snowboarding

    Peter Salzano is a popular name in Snowboarding sport. According to Peter, Each sport has its own amazing history that made it popular. Snowboarding is also one of the popular sports that was started in 1965. Peter has written a brief blog post about snowboarding history, click here to know about it.

    Today in this article Peter is going to share an article about the best exercises that get your body ready for Skiing and Snowboarding. For this sport, your body needs to be fit and fine and have a lot of stamina. Peter Salzano has participated in many snowboard competitions. So he knows how to prepare a perfect body for snowboarding. 

    According to Peter, it’s always beneficial to prepare your body before hitting the slopes. It involves many muscle groups, as well as everything from cardio endurance to core strength. It helps to save your body from injury.

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    A proactive approach before ski season is the key to getting in shape so that your ski trips are safe & injury-free.  

    Few guidelines for all exercises:

    • Always warm up five to ten minutes before beginning these exercises.
    • Be sure to take a rest for 60-90 seconds at the end of each exercise.
    • Breathe normally during the exercises
    • Complete the exercise then take 2-3 minutes break then repeat the full set at least two times more.  

    Here are a few exercises that make you fit for Skiing and Snowboarding and helpful to become a good skier:

    • Hip Roll
    • Squats
    • Jumping Squat
    • Squat Reverse Lunge
    • Standard & Wide Pushup
    • Walking Lunge with Rotation
    • Lateral Ski Jump Exercise
    • Single-Leg Deadlift to High Knee
    • Squat with Heel/Toe Raise Exercise
    • Hip Clock Exercise
    • Plank
    • Chair Dips
    • Burpee
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    These aforementioned exercises are beneficial for Skiing and Snowboarding. You can do them to prepare your body for this sport. 

    Discuss with your physicians before trying these if you have any previous injury and health issues.