Peter Salzano: A Brief History About Snowboarding

    May - 27

    Peter Salzano: A Brief History About Snowboarding

    Each sport has an amazing history attached to it that made it popular and better by each passing year, so that everyone can participate and enjoy it, says Peter Salzano, a famous snowboarder. 

    Let’s go back in time and learn about how snowboarding started and who were the legends that made the sport so popular.

    Peter Salzano - Snowboarding

    Surfing was born in 1965

    As a fact it’s true that the year 1965 is when Sherman Poppen introduced snowboarding to the world. He was planning a birthday present for her daughter when he created the Snurfer now called the snowboard.

    But it was the year 1966 when Mr. Poppen finally patented his idea. He started selling the wooden snowboarders that had anti-slip surfaces for your feet as there were no bindings. The rope connected to the nose that added stability.

    After the snurfer was introduced to the world, in the next 10 years more than 1,000,000 surfboards were sold which is proof of the rising popularity of snowboarding back ten.

    Bindings and the first Snowboard

    The ropes were not that helpful as so many people invested their time and energy to experiment with different ways to attach their feet to the board. But there is one famous name when we talk about binding and the modern snowboard. 

    The 5 Fathers of Snowboarding

    • Sherman Poppen: He invented the snowboarding by bounding 2 skis together with strings/ropes attached to the nose for steering. 
    • Dimitrije Milovich: He constructed a snowboard called the “ Winterstick”. The winterstick boards are still available today. 
    • Jack Burton: He is the man who added bindings, to secure your feet to the board. He also founded the world’s largest snowboard brand, “Burton Snowboards, in 1977” 
    • Tom Sims: He designed the “Skiboards” that were similar to the surf- board but had an aluminum sliding base. 
    • Chuck Barfoot: The credit for the fiberglass goes to this man, who is also the founder of the “Barfoot.”

    Around 1980, the production increased

    By the 1980s snowboarding was popular and many National racing events began which made both the production of snowboards and the popularity of snowboarding rise. In the year 1985, metal edges were a new addition to the boards that were highly appreciated. Also, after the metal edges were brought in the market, the traditional surf fins disappeared. 

    The Snowboarding Golden Age

    In the year 1993, there were more than 50 different brands that were into production and selling of snowboards. Whereas in the year 1998 snowboarding was officially made an Olympic sport at the Nagano Olympics in Japan. This is one big reason that the 1990s is considered as the golden age of snowboarding.

    This was a brief history of snowboarding shared by Peter Salzano. People felt that snowboarding would lose its popularity because of skiing, but it’s not true. There are so many resorts running successfully as preferred resorts for snowboarding.

    Also, to add there are many popular names like DannyKass, Shaun White, Travis Rice, Gretchen Bleiler and many more who are an inspiration for many to step in the world of snowboarding says Peter a well-known snowboarder.