Peter J Salzano – Beginner’s Guide to Snowboarding Gears

    Nov - 05

    Peter J Salzano – Beginner’s Guide to Snowboarding Gears

    “Gears are important for safety in sports” says Peter Salzano a professional snowboarder and blogger. It is essential for beginners as well as professionals; the following is a guide that will help you to buy snowboarding gear.


    While snowboarding jacket is important to stay dry. Also, due to constant contact with the snow, jackets that 100% waterproof and breathable are a good buy. The jacket and the pants should be of similar weight. While buying the snowboarding apparel make sure you buy the set that is not so heavy or light.

    Peter Salzano - Snowboarding

    The important equipment that you need to buy is tough and good snowboard. There are basically two types of boards the mountain board and the freestyle board. For beginners, Peter Salzano suggests the freestyle board.


    The search for appropriate shoes is a tough task while buying the gears. The boots and bindings are important in snowboarding. Make sure while buying the shoes are not heavy and are a size larger than your regular shoe size. The shoes are categorized as soft, hard and hybrid snowboard shoes.

    1. GLOVES

    The gloves are an essential part of the gears. It is also worn to protect the hands from the snow and keeps them warmer. The gloves get worn out easily and lasts from maximum one season or two.

    Peter Salzano - Snowboarding
    1. HELMET

    While snowboarding through the slopes, the snowboarders experience the bounce and helmet plays a very important role here. Helmet helps to protect the snowboarder’s head from injury. Choose a helmet that feels lighter on the head and fits you properly.

    Equipment is needed while snowboarding to enhance performance. The above information by Peter will help you in choosing the right gear for yourself.