Peter Salzano – Snowboarding

    Peter Salzano

    A snow lover since birth, Peter Salzano is an American snowboarder. He was so young when he started snowboarding. He believes in the power of little moments and how they can change the destiny of life.

    It only took a chance outing to a professional snowboarding tournament with his dad and since that day Peter is honing his skills.

    Peter J Salzano was born in Florida and brought up in Colorado. He became the youngest child to win the snowboarding competition at the age of 12.

    Peter Salzano - Snowboarding
    Peter Salzano - Snowboarding

    His achievements in snowboarding have helped him earn worldwide acclaim and acknowledgment.

    This is the perfect place to keep up with the news and updates on Peter Salzano. He has a blog section, in which he shares insightful knowledge about snowboarding, skiing.

    He is fond of various other sports but his fearless approach was a perfect fit for his love with snowboarding. He started as an amateur but hard work and dedication lead him where he is now in his life. 

    He is natural whether it is riding a motorbike, reading books or performing any sport. He does everything without any noticeable effort.

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