A Guide to Find the Right Snowboard Boots – Peter Salzano

    Feb - 25

    A Guide to Find the Right Snowboard Boots – Peter Salzano

    Peter Salzano, the famous veterinarian, and snowboarder believe that a comfortable and correct fitting pair of snowboard boots play a major role in creating an amazing snowboarding experience. He has explored the ice-covered mountains of America all his childhood and is familiar with various snowboarding experiences. He says that a snowboarder should know and understand how snowboard boots should fit and perform in order to have a proper snowboard set up.

    Peter Salzano - Snowboarding

    Peter shares a few tips and facts that will help you choose the right fit for snowboard boots.

    Snowboard Boots For Beginners

    A new snowboarder usually looks for boots that offer ease and flexibility while performing the sport. Soft and forgiving boots are ideal for new learners as they are supportive in the ankles and calves. Some of those boots are equipped with quick lacing technologies to make it easier to put them on and off.

    Snowboard Boots For Park or Freestyle Riders

    For those who love to jump and jib while snowboarding, must check out the line of park and freestyle boots. These boots are generally softer from inside and extend support in key areas. A high-quality liner provides absolute comfort and cushioning for harsh landings and impacts. With various lacing systems, the riders can easily adjust the snugness of the boot.

    Snowboard Boots For All Mountain or Freeroiders

    All-mountain and freeride boots are generally more responsive than the other two categories above. These boots provide more support and enable riders to lay down fast turns and stomp bigger airs. Featuring a number of comfort-driven technologies and R&D innovations, these shoes keep your feet light and active even after long days of riding.

    Peter Salzano - Snowboarding

    Choose Your Lacing Style Carefully

    Snowboard boots come with various types of laces. You can choose the lacing style as per your preference and comfort.

    ●    Boa Lacing

    For those who prefer quick and easy lacing, Boa lacing makes the best choice. There is a knob to crank down wire laces and adjust the fitting without removing your gloves or pulling every individual lace.

    ●    Speed Zone Lacing

    Speed zone lacing is an old school type of lacing but faster and more efficient. The lacing system consists of two pull-laces that enable you to adjust the fitting of upper and lower zones of your boot independently.

    ●    Traditional Lacing

    If you like to have your laces the good old fashioned way, then traditional lacing is your thing. The lacing system gives you complete freedom to lace up your boots however you like. Also, these are more affordable than others.

    According to Peter J Salzano, little things can make huge differences in snowboarding. Therefore, you must choose your snowboard boots wisely and carefully.